Successfully deploying RCM at Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant

Mar 03,2020

In 2019, EVNGENCO 3 POWER SERVICE COMPANY(EPS) with the consultancy of KTT has successfully piloted deployment the RCM at Vinh Tan Thermal Power Plant 2. EPS has issued recommendations on upgrading and improving a number of devices belonging to these systems, as well as optimized solutions for operation methods, thereby helping to improve the reliability and stability of the power production lines of the Plant. This program is part of EVN's project to improve the efficiency of electricity system and market operation.

At the final conference, EPS together with KTT experts, presented the importance and benefits of RCM deployment, proposed technical solutions, implementation methods based on operational status, reliability and availability according to the actual conditions of each Plant.

The workshop also spent a lot of time discussing the advantages of RCM, and commented on the process of guiding RCM analysis and analysis for coal-fired power plants, as well as training programs on RCM.