Alarm Management

Alarm Management

One of the widespread issues currently in manufacturing plants is alarm overload. Plant operators are often faced with a high number of alarms and abnormal situations. This is partially as a result of formerly independent systems that are integrated for more effective operation by fewer operators, each operator then has to monitor an increasingly wider area and consequently deal with more alarms. Without rigorous alarm rationalization efforts, alarm flooding becomes a serious problem and increases the risk of safety and environmental incidents. In addition, a poorly applied alarm management philosophy may result in excessive alarms that can cause operators to routinely ignore these alarms due to the information overload.

There are a number of alarm management standards and guidelines such as ISA-18.2-2009, IEC 62682 and EEMUA 191 that help customers rationalize their alarm systems, but practical tools that can be implemented are still in short supply.

KTT’s alarm management consultants have many years of experience in operating, designing, deploying, maintaining and optimizing of YOKOGAWA, Honeywell, Triconex, ABB, Emersion system... KTT’s alarm management consultants work closely with our clients to understand their business and operations. We develop solutions tailored to our clients’ unique alarm management situation and challenges. Our vendor-independent commitment ensures we can work with whatever control systems and alarm management tools they have, and recommend the best available technology to close any gaps.

The following are our service related to Alarm Management:​

  • Regulations & Standards
  • Strategic PlanningAlarm Philosophy Development
  • Alarm Rationalization
  • Advanced & Enhanced Alarm Design
  • Implementation Services
  • Lifecycle Support: Monitoring & Assessment, Management of Change
  • Alarm Management Program Audit
  • Training Services

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