Asset Health Condition

Asset Health Condition

An open/integrated system utilizing components with short lifecycles requires reliable security measures. In order to maintain stable and continuous operation, a proper understanding of the system’s overall health is essential.

If you fail to detect an “unhealthy condition” of a system or what could be determined as a sign of failure, this may cause unexpected problems to occur. It is extremely difficult to detect the variety of potential failures simply by relying on only the alarms that are displayed. Also, creating a maintenance plan simply based on time without checking the condition of the system hardware itself may result in suboptimal timing of maintenance and poor cost performance.
Rich equipment performance data is typically available and is capable of strongly influencing asset reliability. However, the challenge is, this data originates from many source systems, such as control systems, PLC’s, limit switches, counters, Maintenance Management Systems, VIMS, Downtime Reporting Systems, Condition Monitoring Systems to name a few.
The challenge KTT solves is how to bring this information together into something simple to understand provide deep insight. Displaying all available information from all software packages and systems into a clear condition-based visualization of the asset, via the Asset Health Condition Solution.
Asset Health Condition create visibility and a common reliability-based understanding of the condition of all assets, via the collection and assessment of all available data regardless of the data sources and are ideal for any reliability based program.
Prevents troubles such as sudden failures by monitoring and detecting problems before they occur. In addition, by closely monitoring the system’s condition, a suitable maintenance plan can be determined and the conditions incorporated into the lifecycle plan. Lifecycle maintenance can be further optimized by incorporating a condition-based maintenance model.
Improves the reliability of the system by detecting any signs of a possible malfunction and prevents any potential failures. Also, an appropriate maintenance plan can be established by combining elements of both condition-based and time-based maintenance models.
Monitor the health of your assets with robust capabilities that enable you to:

  • Analyze data trends
  • Analyze production loss   
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Implement reliability programs 
  • Model, monitor, and visualize asset health
  • Report key performance indicators 
  • Review current practices 
  • Track failures 
  • Visualize models with asset performance data
  • Initiate corrective work in external EAM/CMMS systems

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