Bypass Management

Bypass Management

Bypass Management is designed be used to manage bypass operations, also known as inhibits, or overrides, for safety related systems such as Emergency Shutdown, Fire and Gas Systems, Alarm Panels and soft alarms on DCS systems. It can also be used to manage bypasses of mechanical systems such as sprinklers.

Excessive bypassing of protective functions has a substantial impact upon overall process safety. Performance of protective functions can be significantly reduced with even moderate levels of bypass. An effective bypass log will help identify bad actors – most bypasses occur for a reason, and if a function is bypassed frequently, it’s typically for the same repetitive reason. 

KTT’s consultants have many years of experience in Process Control Systems and Process Safety Systems in execution of major projects, corporate standards and plant operation and maintenance. KTT’s consultants work closely with our clients to understand their business and operations. We develop bypass management solutions tailored to our clients to help them:

  • Improves Safety and the overall availability through transparent and effective safeguard stewardship – Key Performance Indicators for effective process safety management for safety functions, ensuring the designed integrity is not compromised.
  • Reduces Operational Risk through effective evaluation and mitigation of occurrences where safety critical functions or equipment is bypassed– visibility of risk, tracking active bypasses, performing override risk assessments prior to bypassing.

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