Completion of feature upgrades and license renewal for the Operator Round (OPMS) software at AES Mong Duong 2

Feb 20,2024

KTT Company is thrilled to announce the completion of feature upgrades and license renewal for the Operator Round (OPMS) software at AES Mong Duong 2. OPMS isn't just a smart tool; it's a significant advancement in digitizing inspection and monitoring operations on-site. This is particularly crucial in the power industry, where accuracy and efficiency are indispensable factors.

As an intelligent management and operation tool, OPMS has demonstrated its ability to optimize processes and activities at the AES Mong Duong 2 Plant. By combining technology and clever design, OPMS not only enhances operational efficiency but also minimizes risks and reinforces workplace safety.

One of the most crucial aspects of OPMS is its ability to customize rounds/routines according to the plant's equipment inspection and monitoring needs. This allows it to gather and analyze data from various sources, providing detailed and reliable information on the status of equipment and systems. This enables operators and managers to have a comprehensive and accurate view of plant operations, facilitating informed and timely decision-making.

A notable advantage of OPMS is its flexible customization to meet the specific requirements of each plant or project. This ensures that deployed solutions are entirely suitable and effective, not only enhancing performance but also reducing incidents and enhancing safety.

We are committed to continuing to support AES Mong Duong 2 in optimizing their operations by providing advanced, high-quality technological solutions. Customer satisfaction and success are always our top priorities, and we hope that OPMS's contributions will continue to bring significant value and benefits to AES Mong Duong 2 in the years ahead.