ISO 45001

ISO 45001

KESIS is software developed by KTT to easily monitor, measure, audit, and review nearly anything related to your Occupational health and safety management system and ISO 45001 (replaces OHSAS 18001).


Identify and manage hazards, perform risk assessments, and automate the important processes related to each. Roll-up the data to get a global perspective and drill back down to see the local picture, examining each and every significant hazard along with implementation of controls.


Complete your audits and inspections with notes, action items, photos, and details in one click. Then go do something valuable with all that time you saved.


Record, track and investigate the incident with powerfull rootcause analysis tool on the software. 


Ensure your entire organization is compliant with legal requirement, but make it easy for them and it will be easier on you.


KE-Training helps you ensure compliance with training requirements while saving money and effort. Improve the entire process and make it easier on everyone involved. Assign requirements to individuals, by geography, by facility, by job role, or other combinations.


KE-TOOL helps you easy to manage your mobile handtool/equipment to ensure it in proper condition. KE-TOOL is also a power software to manage your equipment inspection program.


KE-PROCEDURE makes it easy to organize your documents, improve the approval and publishing lifecycle, manage and control change, and improve document distribution and use.


This software makes it easy for managers in the office or workers on site to track and record their Permits to Work, safely hand them over to new teams, and perform advanced analytics and metrics. As a result, companies can:

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks such as tracking and filing their Permits to Work
  • Reduce accidents caused by a lack of communication and education
  • Turn Permits to Work into a valuable data source that links back to incidents and improves worker safety


Manage the inventory of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in use at your worksite. KE-PPE solution can identify in real-time if hardhats, high visibility jackets, gloves, masks, footwear and other protective equipment is worn by employees entering company premises or certain areas where such equipment is required. KE-PPE provides notifications to work safety inspector if a required protection item is not worn.


KE-MOC tracks planned changes through checklists, analyses and approvals to ensure your business is fully prepared to implement any operational or organizational change and helps mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency by enforcing change management best practices.


KE-TRACKING links with all other function of KE-SIS software. It is a central software application that clearly demonstrates the status of actions to be completed, to whom those actions are assigned, and what requirements must be met for closure.