MRO Inventory Management

MRO Inventory Management

This 3-day course will help attendees learn proven strategies on how they can improve and optimize their spare parts and storeroom. This might be the missing link in improving your reliability and maintenance strategy.

This course is targeted at stock analysts, maintenance and operations staff who wish to learn how to successfully managing MRO inventory operations to support your business. Your MRO inventory management processes underpin the day to day effectiveness of your operational assets.  Learn how a resilient organisation manage their MRO inventory in the face of supply chain complexities.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept and importance of having a Spare Parts Management strategy in your plant and facility.
  • Appreciate the benefits of utilizing a spare parts management program in your organization.
  • Learn the different cost used in spare parts management.
  • Develop and customize KPI's that would complement your company's operation and efficiently measure the performance of your spares and storeroom management.
  • Utilize KPI's to improve Supplier Relationship Management.
  • Optimize your spare parts and store room to instantly save cost and improve reliability.
  • Learn and apply a detailed step by step strategy for your MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom management.
  • Select the right inventory policy for fast- and slow-moving parts.
  • Ensure availability of safety critical spare parts to minimize risk to business continuity.