Operator Round

Operator Round

In today’s dynamic business environment, all industries are undergoing a period of rapid transformation. Organizations need to be agile and flexible enough to meet the high demands of a global market. To achieve the business objective, they must find ways to operate in more efficient, more cost-effective ways. Organization especially, plant-based have enterprise assets or equipment, need routine plant checks or operator rounds. It helps them to monitor assets health and early detection of technical issues, damages, or other failures. Operators rounds are critical for the business continuity to improve plant performance and achieve business goals without unplanned interruption.

Operator rounds focus on the visual inspection of assets, but it can also include recording temperatures, pressures, flow rates, vibration levels, water chemistry, spills and leaks, and other safety and operating condition data.

The data collected from Operator rounds forms an important baseline for making decisions to improve reliability. The traditional method of carrying out these inspections using paper-and-clipboard approach made it difficult to use this information productively.

KTT solution includes decision support tools that can provide the ability to organize and sequence measurement locations into a route, so that operational resources are utilized efficiently to capture the right data at the right time. With the digitization and automation of the inspection and rounds tools, it is now possible to turn this data into information for almost immediate improved asset reliability.

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