Process safety management

Process safety management

Unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases in processes involving highly hazardous chemicals have been reported for many years. Incidents continue to occur in various industries that use highly hazardous chemicals which may be toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive, or may exhibit a combination of these properties. Regardless of the industry that uses these highly hazardous chemicals, there is a potential for an accidental release any time they are not properly controlled. This, in turn, creates the possibility of disaster.

KTT provides consulting services to help companies that use hazardous materials to reduce the likelihood and consequences of release events. Our services enable our clients to achieve their process safety management more efficiently and effectively.

KTT provides extensive knowledge of technical developments in PSM and regulatory expectations for compliance with the regulations. KTT also developed a variety of computer software programs to assist with the implementation of PSM.

Services Offered

Development of full PSM Programs

Typically, this is done for new facilities or expanded facilities that come under coverage by PSM. We provide documentation for all elements of the program and usually assist in their implementation.

Improvement of existing PSM Programs.

We will conduct an initial assessment of the existing program to identify areas for improvement. Sometimes companies may have a sound PSM program design, but may be struggling with implementing it. We will document the assessment and work to improve weaker parts of the program.

Improvement of specific elements of PSM and Prevention Programs.

We help companies fine tune mechanical integrity, management of change, and other programs that are part of PSM.