Production Planning

Production Planning

Production planning is the planning of production and manufacturing system of a plant, organization or industry. It optimizes the resource assignment of activities of employees, materials, and manufacturing capacity to serve various customers. Basically, production planning can be done at three different time periods which are short term, midterm, and long term.

Short term planning can be done for day to day operations. Mid-term planning can be done for demand forecast and capacity planning. Long term planning can be done for capital investment, location and facility planning.

Simply put, production planning focuses on what to produce when to produce, how much to produce in a given time period. Therefore production planning ensures that the materials and equipment which meet quality specifications are available during the production process.

Note that production planning is key to successful quality management, inventory management, supply chain management, and equipment management. KTT's experts will help you to develop product planning strategy that provides many benefits to the organization: 

  • Ensures uninterrupted flow of materials through the production line
  • Helps to reduce investment in inventory
  • Encourages decision making
  • Helps to optimize the workforce
  • Helps to monitor and control the performance
  • Helps to reduce the wastes and controls the wastes of resources
  • Decreases operating costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps to keep the inventory level at optimum levels
  • Optimizes production period and helps to keep the production time at an optimum level
  • Increases the product quality and maintains the quality of the final product
  • Helps to reduce the idle time and overuse with proper scheduling of the machines
  • Ensures that optimum utilization of manufacturing capacity is achieved
  • Organizes the production schedules

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