RCM2 facilitator

RCM2 facilitator

The Aladon Network RCM2 Facilitator Course is for those organisations that wish develop in-house facilitators to lead RCM2 analysis teams. This is an intensive 10 day course which builds upon the skills obtained in the Introduction to RCM2 training course.

The Aladon Network has identified 45 distinct skills that RCM facilitators need to acquire before they can be relied upon to ensure that RCM is applied by RCM Review Groups to a standard that produces consistently safe and defensible maintenance programs. Our facilitator competency development programme is designed to ensure that facilitators are competent in all 45 of these skills.

The 10-day course provides delegates with:

  • A much broader and deeper understanding of the RCM process
  • The ability to generate consensus about highly technical problems and their solutions
  • The opportunity to apply RCM in practice through ‘live’ case studies

The live case study consists of an RCM analysis on one of the assets or systems from your site. For this reason the RCM facilitator’s course is normally held on-site. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of twelve delegates. About 25% of the time on this course is spent in lectures. For the balance of the course, delegates take turns to act as facilitators. Our tutors provide formal and informal feedback on their technical and group management skills throughout the course