RCM training phase 2 for EVN GENCO3 Power Plants

Nov 01,2020

From October 19, 2020 to October 30, 2020, Khang Truong Thinh Co., Ltd. cooperated with EVNGENCO3 Power Service Company to successfully organize RCM training phase 2 for EVN GENCO3 Power Plants

Ông Cao Minh Trung - Giám đốc Công ty EPS phát biểu tại lớp họcMr Cao Minh Trung - Director of EVNGENCO3 Power Service Company speeches at this training course

This is an intensive RCM training course for the RCM facilitators of Power Plants. Participating this training course, participants were introduced to the background and concepts of Reliability Centred Maintenance, necessary skills to successfully facilitate RCM analysis workshops. In addition, participants were guided to practice cases study at sites, reviewing an asset for analysis, discussing the operating context, gathering sufficient information, facilitating the development of the information Worksheet, presenting the major findings and outcomes of their analysis during the course.

Participants work in groups

All participants had to complete the test at the end of the course to ensure that each participant fully understands the concepts of RCM2 and is competent to facilitate the RCM2 analysis meeting.