Successful conducting RCM awareness training course for management levels of Genco3 Power Service Company (EPS)

Jun 18,2020

From 16 June 2020 to 18 June 2020, KTT incorporation with ADA has successful conducted RCM awareness training course at EPS.

Mr Chung Yee Keong, ADA expert online present at training course

Mr Tran Ngoc Dang Thi – Deputy director of KTT present at training course.

This training course is designed for the purpose of improving competency and awareness about RCM of management level at EPS. Content of this training course:

  • Definition, the benefits of implement RCM.
  • Terms, principles, required organization and team members for RCM.
  • Steps for implement RCM program and RCM analysis flow chart.
  • Training roles in RCM.
  • How to improve and sustainable RCM.
  • Examples of RCM analysis on specific equipment.

Mr Truong Van Phuong, deputy director of EPS speech at training course.

Speech at training course, Mr Truong Van Phuong, deputy director of EPS expressed thanks to KTT and ADA has successful organize this training course and hope that all participants will spread the important of RCM implement to subordinates as well as support to implement RCM at all Subsidiaries of the company.